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Protocol FAQs

COVID Protocol FAQs

Is it safe to have an eye exam right now?

We are taking every measure we can to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our staff.  Our protocols were adopted from guidance provided by local and national health agencies.  Due to our screening process and PPE requirements, we believe that you are at less risk than you are when you go grocery shopping as they do not have the same guidelines and higher traffic.

Can I wear contact lenses right now?

Yes, recent studies have confirmed that contact lenses are safe for healthy individuals during COVID-19.  When wearing contact lenses during this time, it is important to remember that good hygiene habits are critical, unwashed hands should be kept away from the face, and if you are sick, you should temporarily stop wearing your contacts.

Why am I required to wear a mask in the office?

Wearing a mask in addition to social distancing and frequent and proper hand sanitization has been the most effective way to reduce infection chances when outside of your own home.  Wearing a mask will keep respiratory secretions within that barrier and help protect others.

Why is a retinal photo required during the eye exam?

The retinal photo improves our exam efficiency by allowing our doctors to review your images prior to entering the exam room.  This enables us to guide your exam based on their findings.  The retinal photos may also help to reduce the need for routine dilation which increases the amount of close contact you are subjected to as well as increases time exposed within the office.

Why do I have to go to my appointment alone?

We are making every effort to ensure that you, our patients, as well as our staff remain safe.  Limiting the number of people in our office will allow us to more effectively practice safe social distancing.

Can I go into the office to check in?

No, we request that you call or text our office upon arrival for your appointment.  This will allow us to screen patients for symptoms prior to their entry into our office.  This precaution also allows us to regulate the flow of traffic in and out of our office so we can properly clean our equipment and rooms and reduce your exposure to others.

What are you using to disinfect your office?

We are using a product called Pure&Clean.  Pure&Clean is a hypocholrous acid solution.  Hypocholrous Acid is a weak acid (similar pH to intact skin) and is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies.  It is the same chemical that our own white blood cells produce to fight of infection and kill bacteria.  It has been named an EPA registered hospital disinfectant with designations for: Adenovirus, Norovirus or Norwalk Virus, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus, Respiratory Syncytal Virus (RSV), Candida Albicans, C-Diff, E coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, MRSA, VRE, Tuberculosis, HIV, Infulenza A, H1N1, and COVID-19 (EPA Registration number 92108-1).